BrigadeIQ guides emergency response teams through the complicated compliance process by intelligently connecting team records to ensure members are trained, qualified, and equipped to safely handle unforeseen emergencies.

BrigadeIQ: Intelligent Compliance

If you are frustrated tracking all the complex compliance requirements for your emergency response team, BrigadeIQ can help.

BrigadeIQ guides facilities through the complicated compliance process to ensure response team members are qualified and equipped to safely handle unforeseen facility emergencies.


COMPLIANCE IS COMPLICATED. Documentation for your
emergency response team doesn't have to be.

BrigadeIQ Intelligently Connects all of the following:
o NFPA 600 Standard on Facility Fire Brigades
o NFPA 1081 Training and Education Requirements
o Medical and Physical Requirements
o Fire Apparatus Testing Tracking
o Fire Equipment Requirements Tracking
o Fire Brigade Management Tracking
o Fire Brigade Leader Compliance and Training
o Fire Brigade Member
o Training Coordinator
o Support Member

• NFPA 1081 Facility Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications
• NFPA 1006/1670 Specialized Rescue Technician
• NFPA 472 /1072 Hazardous Materials
• OSHA 1910.156 Fire Brigade Regulations
• OSHA 1910.120 HAZWOPER Regulations
• OSHA 1910.146 Permitted Confined Spaces
• OSHA 1910.134 Respiratory Protection Requirements

Managing emergency response team compliance has never been easier!
For facilities managing emergency response teams, the risk of negative consequences is simply too great to ignore.

BrigadeIQ intelligently connects compliance records to identify gaps before they become violations.

Creating confident responders since 2005.


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